36 perfect and excellent nail design styles for winter 2020 personality

36 perfect and excellent nail design styles for winter 2020 personality

Winter snowflakes with nails will enjoy a lot, even in this cold season. Winter nails and animals are usually dull. Everyone wants to be in good shape in all situations. This is beautiful when we want to hide all beauty, and it can show your personal implications. You can choose all your favorite designs to show your style

All the art has created a wonderful feeling of the goddess, and it is a famous art, that is, nail style. To give you the latest ideas on creative nail care, we recommend the best winter nail art for 2020. So enjoy the goddess style in all your fun!

winter is here. Sometimes this is the way we imagine new things. For example, things like what you call everything have their reasons. The way you dress reflects your unique personality. You can also make sure that you show your feelings, which will ensure your feelings


It may take a lot of time. With bright winter, and nature collection. If this is not your style, use a light tone to avoid sluggish sounds, or one of your favorite tones. This is a new method that allows you to shine through simple synthesis and processing. There are many cold colors, plus a bit of warm colors, and many other colors, including your favorite color, white, red, plus Christmas creativity.

36 perfect and excellent nail design styles for winter 2020 personality

39 fantastic short nail design ideas for the 2020 style

2020 will bring you into the pace of your dream concept,
The colorful short nail view will start to stand out. Nail designs in France are almost always beautiful. This stylish nail design is suitable for all important occasions. This looks simple nail design suitable for business ladies. For example, you can combine vintage patterns with Japanese-oriented collection designs to make the overall look more beautiful and refined. When you visit a prom, you need a striking but good nail design to perfectly show your fashion attitude.


If you are looking for a more colorful block color nail design using turquoise, check out the examples from the editor below! Picking and using nail designs is the perfect aspect of using this method. There are tutorials on the Internet that can help you produce a similar look, but you can use nail tape to create your own creativity!


36 perfect and excellent nail design styles for winter 2020 personality

44 alarming nail art ideas in 2020







36 perfect and excellent nail design styles for winter 2020 personality

2020 goddess nails considerations

On average, the finger nails grow from 3 to 3.5 millimeters per month. If it is difficult to change their growth rate, however, it is possible to cheat on their appearance and length through false nails. Are you one of those women who dreams of having long, strong nails?

Here is what you need to know about acrylic nails, a question of making an informed decision and so avoid … to bite your fingers


Acrylic nails: is it for you?

Acrylic nail polishing is a technique that involves applying prostheses to natural nails so that they look longer. Each prosthesis is molded and glued to the nail using an adhesive and a powder. The final result is impeccable: the nails are long, hard and can be decorated in a thousand and one ways. Acrylic nails are suitable for most women. Nevertheless, nail technicians can recommend another technique depending on your work, your hobbies or your lifestyle.

Acrylic nails: beautiful, good, cheap? Beware!

Without being alarmist, we must still know that false nails can cause complications in some women. Products used for acrylic nail prostheses may cause allergies and bacterial or fungal infections that will require medical treatment depending on the severity of the case.

Before receiving a manicure, make sure you have the training and skills of the nail technician. Also check the hygiene measures that are applied: the salon manicure and the worktable must be ultra clean, the technician must disinfect the tools after each manicure, she must clean her hands and yours with antibacterial soap etc.

Health Canada is warning people about the dangers of a substance called methyl methacrylate (MMA), a strong and dangerous adhesive that is banned from being used as a cosmetic in Canada. If you are offered a nail acrylic nail at a low price, beware. Ask to see the labels on the containers and refuse any product if you can not read the label. Note that Health Canada authorizes more expensive, but much safer, ethyl methacrylate (MFA).

Let your nails breathe

Between two acrylic nail poses, let your natural nails rest for a few weeks. On the one hand because the pose requires filing the top of your nails, which makes them more fragile; on the other hand because the removal of false nails could damage your nails even more, especially if this step is not done correctly. Why not book acrylic nail polish for a special occasion?

Healthy nails

To have beautiful, healthy nails, get plenty of fruits and vegetables, as well as protein and minerals. Moisturize them regularly with vitamin B5 cream and wear protective gloves for housekeeping tasks.